German Network for New Economic Dynamics


The German Network for New Economic Dynamics (GENED) brings together a group of economists who work on the development and application of computational models of economic dynamics based on interacting heterogeneous agents. As demonstrated in the literature, such an approach allows for fruitful new insights into important economic phenomena and policy issues in a wide range of areas. GENED is built on the conviction that the potential of the application of computational heterogeneous agent models for economic analysis is huge and that it is essential to strengthen the community of (in particular young) researchers who are willing and able to incorporate state-of-the-art methods in this area in their research.

An increasing number of researchers located in Germany are actively involved in the computational analysis of heterogeneous agents dynamics. With meetings envisaged once a year, GENED will offer them, most notably doctoral students and their supervisors, a forum to present and discuss their work. Furthermore, GENED members will have access to mini-courses on the graduate level given at the participating universities to further strengthen education and collaboration among the doctoral students. We are very confident that GENED will enhance the quality, visibility and impact of the work of the participating researchers in the scientific community and beyond.

Prof. Thomas Lux Prof. Herbert Dawid Prof. Michael Roos Dr. Ivan Savin Prof. Peter Winker Prof. Frank Westerhoff/Prof. Mishael Milakovic Prof. Michael Neugart Prof. Michael Schröder Karlsruher Institut für Technologie


If you are interested in participating in GENED please contact:

Prof. Herbert Dawid
Bielefeld University